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Introducing True Electronic wallet.

Your heavy, thick traditional wallet should better evolve into a smart digital wallet. Finally, a real physical electronic wallet that consolidates all your credit, debit, and gift cards.

Contactless Payment, Anywhere.

Tap to pay on existing card readers

It’s more than NFC. With our self-developed Magnetic Flux Emulation (MFE) technology, Spendwallet allows you to tap to pay on regular card swiping terminal as well as NFC terminal.

Born to replace your wallet, completely.

Spendwallet is seductively designed to completely replace your existing wallet. The backside pocket is for your ID, cash, or anything that cannot be stored digitally on the device.


Meet the world’s most secure wallet.

  • Proximity Alert

    When lost, automatic lock &
    self-destruction of data

  • Security Passcode

    Protect your card data
    with passcode or fingerprint

  • Bank Level Encryption

    256 bit encryption
    for all your personal data

Tech Specifications

5.8mm / 54grams
Thickness: 5.8mm Dimensions: 60.5mm x 105mm

Touch Sensors

Easy button to select the card


Up to 4 weeks of battery life

LED Display

Shown only when in use

Splendid Design

The frame and body is made out of aluminum and plastic. This makes the device strong and durable enough for everyday use in your pocket. Spendwallet has been engineered to seamlessly work with your smooth payment experience.


Manage credit cards, save barcodes & coupons, and see expenditure analysis on your smartphone through Spend mobile application.

Worldwide Shipping
Ships June 2018

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